Revolutionary simplicity

The innovative g-lock rotor system from Sigma enables rotor exchange without any tool or button pushing. Mounting and exchanging rotors could hardly be easier. The rotor is locked in place by centrifugal force after the centrifuge starts running, eliminating the need for screw mounting. The new g-lock system makes rotor exchange effortless and is ideally suited to application scenarios that require working with more than one rotor. It minimises non-productive time and saves time and money.

Along with simplified and efficient handling, the system features exceptionally high safety. Improper or incorrect use is also prevented by the rotor identification system.

Furthermore, the g-lock system enables easy cleaning of the stainless steel chamber minimising contamination risks.

Revolutionise your everyday lab work with g-lock auto locking rotor system

It's really that easy – see how g-lock works


The innovative g-lock rotor system is best placed in any laboratory environment where the frequent change of rotors is required. These are research and development departments of universities or industry – primarily in the sectors of biotechnology, life science, pharmaceutical and food. 

Benefits of the g-lock rotor system

  • Automatic locking
  • Toolless rotor exchange 
  • Extremely high safety 
  • Easy cleaning
  • Time and money saving

Centrifuges with g-lock system

Sigma 3-16L | Sigma 3-16KL

The compact benchtop centrifuge Sigma 3-16L and the refrigerated version 3-16KL combine the features of classic all-rounders. Users appreciate these practically oriented models with their outstanding capacities and usability for a wide variety of applications. They are easy to operate, pleasantly quiet, and have extraordinary capacity with a maximum of 4 x 400 ml.

Sigma 3-18KS | Sigma 3-18KHS

The Sigma 3-18 centrifuge series is the perfect choice for all users who set stringent demands on refrigerated benchtop centrifuges and prefer a wide variety of operating options. Both the refrigerated version Sigma 3-18KS and the coolable and heatable version Sigma 3-18KHS enable high RCF values and are very convenient to use thanks to the patented single-knob Spincontrol S controller. Combined with the broad portfolio of rotors and accessories, these universal centrifuges set standards for versatility and performance.

Sigma 3-30KS | Sigma 3-30KHS

Positioned between the laboratory and the ultracentrifuge segments, the refrigerated benchtop centrifuge Sigma 3-30KS and Sigma 3-30KHS feature outstanding performance characteristics and excellent value for money. The high RCF of more than 70,000 x g enables fast separation, even of microscopic particles and cell fragments. That makes the Sigma 3-30 centrifuge series especially suitable for high speed applications in fields such as cellular and molecular biology, diagnostics and clinical biology, nanotechnology, and genetics.

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